From Years Of Neglect To A Warm, Bright Area For Entertaining

Cannon Michael contacted us because the Church Hall was cold and draughty. St. Simon’s Church recognised the need to create a more inviting and comfortable environment in their church hall to accommodate various community events, including mum and baby groups. The wooden sash windows had suffered years of neglect and were beginning to rot, so […]

From Black Mould & Condensation to a Warm, Damp Free Home

The constant draughts, persistent condensation, and the resulting black mould were making her home uncomfortable and posing potential health hazards. Determined to address the issue before facing another freezing winter, Shola contacted Novells in search of a solution. The combination of Novells’ responsiveness, their strong online reputation, and Phil’s expertise in double glazed sash windows […]

From Single to Double Glazed Sash Windows Without Replacing the Frames

Rory, the owner of a period property in Bromley, had problematic single glazed Victorian sash windows and his heating bill was going through the roof! He was initially looking to fully replace his wooden sash windows. However, the local council’s conservation area rules prevented him from fully replacing them. So luckily, Rory stumbled upon our […]