Double Glaze Your Existing Wooden Sash Windows in London and Surrey Without The Disruption Of Full Replacement

Upgrade your home to a warm, beautiful, and damp-free space by installing new wooden double glazed sashes into your current sash window frames. Allowing you to enjoy the advantages of double glazing without the hassle and disruption of window replacement.

By making this double glazed sash windows upgrade, you’ll enjoy enhanced insulation, reduced noise levels, and greater control over your home’s temperature.
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Double glaze your existing wooden sash cord windows in London and Surrey. It could be the perfect solution for you. Preserve your property's historical charm, whilst improving insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency.

While energy prices continue to soar, it’s the period property owners who bear the burden of escalating gas and electric bills.

By opting to double glaze your existing sash windows, not only can you save money in the long run, but you can also make an environmentally friendly choice. Double glazing your existing windows enhances insulation, significantly reducing heat loss and the need for excessive heating.

As a result, gas and electric bills are reduced, easing the financial strain on homeowners while simultaneously increasing your comfort of living and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Three easy steps to effectively double glaze your sash windows

Schedule a Call
We'll visit your home assessing each of your windows. We'll then prepare and send you a proposal., detailing how the work will be completed and the investment required. We won't try to sell you windows on the day.
Conduct the Work
We will treat your home as our own, protecting everything before we start work. This usually entails furniture and floors with dust sheets. We expect to spend a full day on each new window installation.
Love Your Sash Windows
Fall in love with your sash windows all over again. Make every other feature come alive after your new sash windows have been fitted, making your house feel truly like a home.
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Let us Transform your Sash Windows

We will use our 50 years of combined experience together with our proven double glazing system to upgrade your windows

Why replace your sash windows, when you can double glaze your existing ones?

You can preserve your existing sash frames and draught proof them with our revolutionary system.

Read how our founder, Phil Novell, created our unique double glazed sash window replacements

I was already successfully repairing and draught proofing sash windows back in early 2005.

But it seemed absurd to me that the big window companies were tearing out perfectly good box frames when they could be preserved. So I collaborated with a skilled joiner to develop a revolutionary system.

Our system not only effectively draught proofed the windows but also allowed for the creation and installation of double glazed sashes (the sliding parts) into existing box frames (the main frame).

We even mastered a seamless method for replacing rotten windowsills, ensuring that even frames in disrepair could receive the benefits of new double glazing.

Through my own personal journey, I’ve honed the expertise and techniques needed to transform your sash windows into efficient, warm, and beautiful features of your home.

Join me in putting an end to the struggles of outdated windows, and let’s create a comfortable and inviting space for you and your loved ones.

With almost two decades of experience under my belt, my dedicated team and I have successfully converted thousands of single glazed windows into double glazed masterpieces.

What sets us apart is our unique approach—we accomplish this transformation without the need to replace the box frames.

This means that our customers can say goodbye to the hassle of replastering and redecorating interior walls, which would be necessary with traditional replacement windows.

We take pride in our expertise and the satisfaction of saving our customers time, effort, and unnecessary expenses. We have two decades of local experience and are members of FENSA.

Past Projects

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