From Black Mould & Condensation to a Warm, Damp Free Home

Shola, a period homeowner in Surrey, was fed up with her beautiful yet problematic single-glazed Victorian sash windows.

How Shola achieved double glazed timber sash windows without replacing her frames.

The constant draughts, persistent condensation, and the resulting black mould were making her home uncomfortable and posing potential health hazards. Determined to address the issue before facing another freezing winter, Shola contacted Novells in search of a solution.

The combination of Novells’ responsiveness, their strong online reputation, and Phil’s expertise in double glazed sash windows made them the clear choice for Shola when she was seeking a reliable and capable company to upgrade her wooden sash windows.

The Novells team, led by Phil, conducted an initial consultation with Shola to understand the challenges she was facing. They proposed a plan to replace the existing single-glazed sashes with high-quality double-glazed sashes, without the disruption caused by replacing the entire box frame.

This approach not only saved Shola time and money but also allowed her to maintain the charm of her home’s original wooden sash cord windows.

Nicki kept Shola updated throughout the process, ensuring she felt informed and involved. The installation team carefully replaced the existing sashes, taking great care to minimise disruption and leaving Shola’s home spotless upon completion. In her testimonial, Shola expressed her delight with the overall experience, praising the professionalism and friendliness of the Novells team. She highlighted the excellent service she received, from the initial consultation with Phil to the aftercare provided by Nicki and the team.

Take a look at the photo of Shola’s bay windows after the refurbishment, draught proofing and having her sash windows double glazed.

Are you, like Shola, struggling with draughty, single-glazed sash windows that are causing condensation and mould issues in your home?

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