How to clean my sash windows?

How to clean sash windows

The secret to having the cleanest sash windows in your street

The three things you need to have the cleanest sash window glass.

  1. Glass cleaner
  2. Cloth
  3. Window scraper

Glass cleaner

Glass cleaner for sash windows

Make sure you use a good quality glass cleaner, Siroflex Trade glass cleaner is good but any decent class cleaner will do.

Cleaning cloth

Microfibre cloth for cleaner Sash Windows

A microfibre cloth is great but a good quality kitchen towel will suffice.

Window scraper tool

Glass scraper for the best sash window finish

This is the secret to having spotless sash window glass.

The method

First spray the window cleaner on to the glass and give the glass a general wipe over with the microfiber cloth or paper kitchen towell. If the window is really dirty it is probably best if you use the paper kitchen towell first so not to get the micro fibre cloth too dirty. 

Repeat this stage for the interior and exterior of the sash window glass. 

Now here is wher the magic happens.

Make sure that your window scraper has a new and clean blade fitted to it (A clean new blade is impotant as if an old / dirty blade is used it will scratch the glass) 

Now spray the glass cleaner all over the sash window glass and lightly run the sash window scraper over the glass using the window cleaner as a kind of lubricant. You will hear a light clicking sound as you run the scraper over the glass. The clicking sound is the scraper removing all of the invisible residue that has built up on the glass since the sash window was installed over a 100 years ago.

It is important that you wipe the blade at regular intervals to remove the residue that will now have built up on your blade.

Keep repeating the process on both sides of the sash window glass until you can’t hear the clicking sound any more. 

Finally wipe down the glass with the microfiber cloth or paper kitchen towell, repeat if necessary.

Ther you have it, the cleanest your sash windows have been since they were installed over a hundred years ago.