Putting an End to Sash Window Rattles: Discover Our Refurbishment and Draught Proofing Solution

The answer lies in the movement of the sashes within the box frame.

In order for the sashes to move freely, a small gap is necessary between the sash window staff and parting beads.

However, this gap between the sashes and the beading is precisely what causes the annoying rattling sound as the sash moves within the frame.

But, we have developed a refurbishment and draught proofing service that effectively addresses this issue.

Therefore, our solution involves fitting a brushpile system to the new beading during the refurbishment process.

This brushpile system serves a dual purpose: it fills the gaps and acts as a cushion for the sashes, eliminating the rattles from your sash cord windows once and for all.

But that’s not all!

Our refurbishment and draught proofing service also provides an additional benefit—it puts an end to those annoying draughts.

By sealing the gaps and ensuring a snug fit, our brushpile system effectively prevents cold air from entering your home, keeping you cosy and comfortable.

Say goodbye to the frustrating rattles and unwelcome draughts with our rattle-free refurbishment and draught proofing service. Click here https://www.sashrepairs.com/refurbishment-draftproofing/ to learn more about how we can transform your sash windows into a peaceful and draught-free living space.