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Sash Window Services in Surrey and London

The purpose of our refurbishment service is to make your original sash window operational and to fit our brush-pile system which eradicates rattles and significantly reduces draughts in your traditional sash windows.

Traditional sash windows often get painted shut or if they are not painted shut the build up of paint makes them hard to open and close, our 18 Step Refurbishment service resolves these issues and breaths life back in to your original sash windows

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"I would like to thank you and especially John for his quality of work and attention to details. The work was done without any disturbance to our life despite the cold (November). I can only praise John's attitude to his work, attention to details and tidiness at the end of each day.  I shall recommend your work to any body and if you require references in the area, please do not hesitate.". - Mrs Winter

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  1. Before any works are carried out our team will lay dust sheets to the floor area and cover furniture with plastic sheeting.

  1. We start by removing the existing Staff Bead. (The Staff Bead is the beading on the interior of the window that holds in the lower sash)

  1. The lower sash can now be removed.

  1. With the lower sash out the existing Parting Bead is now removed on both side of the box frame. (The parting bead is the thin strip of beading that runs vertically between the two sashes to stop them binding on each other)

  1. Now the upper sash can be removed.

  1. With both the upper / lower sashes and beading removed we are able to access the weight pockets and take out the original sash weights.

  1. The original sash weights and the upper and lower sashes are now weighed by one of our team, in order for the sashes to work smoothly it is critical that the sash weights for the upper sash are half a kilo heavier than the upper sash itself and the sash weights for the lower sash are half a kilo lighter than the lower sash itself. If the sashes are heavier than the original weights our team will add additional weights to re-balance the windows. Q: Why might the sashes be heavier than the original sash weights? A: If the sash has been re-glazed at some point in the past, the newer 4mm glass that the glazier would have used for re-glazing will be heavier than the original glass, making the sash itself heavier than the original sash weight and make it unbalanced.
  1. At this point before we re-cord and refit the sashes we can offer our Optional inner box frame burn off service. Most sash windows are more than a hundred years old and will have over a hundred years of paint built up in the channels where the sashes run up and down, we offer a service to burn off the inner part of the box frame where the sashes run and give two coats of primer, although this option is not always necessary we highly recommend it to help the sashes run smoother.

  1. Now we re-cord the window using our high strength braided sash cord and additional weights are added if the sashes need rebalancing.

  1. The upper sash is hung and the new cord is attached with screws to give a secure fixing.

  1. The new parting beads are fitted with our brush-pile draught proofing system and fitted to the box frame, an additional length of parting bead is fitted to the head of the box frame to stop draughts coming through from the head of the frame.

  1. The lower sash now has an 8mm rebate routed in to its meeting rail to accept our brush-pile system to draught proof the gap where the upper and lower sashes meet in the middle when closed.

  1. The lower sash is hung and the new cord is attached with screws to give a secure fixing.

  1. The new staff beads that contain our brush-pile draught proofing system are cut to fit the box frame and are secured with lost head brads.

  1. The staff and parting beads are now sealed with sealant.

  1. New ironmongery consisting of two sash lifts and one Brighton fastener are fitted to your window in a choice of Polished Brass, Polished Chrome or Satin Chrome finishes as standard.

  1. The old staff and parting beads and any other rubbish are taken away by our team.

  1. The dust sheets are removed and the floor is hoovered by our team


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Novells Of Surrey & London are a FENSA registered company and offer an insurance backed guarantee supplied by the glass and glazing federation insurance scheme.

We offer a free consultation where we can discuss the best option for your windows. Once the customer instructs us to carry out the work we conduct a full survey making sure that the specifications are to your exact requirements.

Once the sash windows have been made one of our highly skilled craftsmen will install the windows taking the utmost care to cause the minimum disruption, we are fully aware that this is your home and we will treat it with the respect it deserves.

Philip Novell – Owner, Novells Of Surrey & London

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