Sash Cord Replacement

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“Sash cords” or also sometimes called “sash ropes” make the sash window operational. This will help explain what could break and why you might need your sash cord replaced.

Some people refer to sash cords as the “Sash” or the “Sashes” which causes confusion as sashes are the two timber sliding parts of the box sash window that contain the glass.

One end of the sash cord is connected to the sliding part of the window called the “Sash” and the other end of the sash cord is threaded through the pulley wheel and connected to a cast iron sash weight hidden inside the box frame.

There are two sliding sashes in a box sash window frame, an “Upper Sash” and a “Lower Sash” each of these sliding sashes have two sash cords connected to it, one on each side.

Sash cord replacement

Upper sash cord replacement

Lower sash cord replacement

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