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Sash Window Repairs: Tackling Broken Sash Cords

Sash cord windows, with their classic design and smooth operation, are a loved feature in many Victorian & Georgian homes. However, the Achilles heel of these window sashes is the sash cord – the rope-like component that allows the window sashes to move up and down effortlessly.

Over time, these sash cords can become worn, frayed, and ultimately break, leaving period homeowners with stuck or unsafe sash cord windows.

Sash cords, typically made of cotton or nylon, are subject to constant stress and strain as the window sashes are opened and closed repeatedly.

Age, lack of maintenance, and even the weight of the wooden sash window can all contribute to the eventual breakdown of these essential components. Proper sash window repairs, including replacing worn sash cords, are crucial for keeping these windows functioning at their best.

Hiring a sash window professional to help you with window sash cord replacement in London and Surrey will ensure the job is done right, with the added benefit of expert advice on maintaining the window sashes going forward.

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“Three easy steps to effectively replace your sash cords”

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We'll visit your home assessing each of your windows. We'll then prepare and send you a proposal., detailing how the work will be completed and the investment required. We won't try to sell you windows on the day.
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We will treat your home as our own, protecting everything before we start work. This usually entails furniture and floors with dust sheets. We expect to spend a full day on each new window installation.
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Fall in love with your sash windows all over again. Make every other feature come alive after your new sash windows have been fitted, making your house feel truly like a home.
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Our Sash Cord Replacement System:

10 Year Workmanship Guarantee on all sash cord replacements

Maintenance for Sash Cord Windows

To prevent the frustration of more broken sash cords, it's essential for homeowners to adopt a proactive maintenance approach.

Regular inspections, lubrication of pulleys, and replacement of worn cords can significantly extend the lifespan of sash cord windows.

By taking these steps, period property homeowners can enjoy the charm and functionality of their window sashes for years to come.

By understanding the common causes of sash cord breakage and taking a proactive approach to maintenance, you can keep your sash cord windows operating smoothly and efficiently, preserving the timeless beauty of your home.

We have two decades of experience and are members of FENSA.

Want your sash window cords replaced and your sash cord window draught proofed and overhauled at the same time?

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New replacement double glazed box sash windows. Combining classic charm with modern efficiency.