Sash Windows Stop Security locks On Sash Windows Are Essential!


Sash windows are so vulnerable to break in’s and burglary due to their original insufficient sash window fasteners.

If additional security locks have not been fitted, the lower sash can be forced open with a crowbar from the exterior, the existing sash window fastener is ripped out from the force of the crow bar causing considerable timber damage to the lower and upper sashes, repairs to fix the damage caused by a break in can be quite costly, so prevention by fitting security locks is key.

Fitting sash window stops not only adds security but also acts as a deterrent to opportunist thieves.

Sash stop security locks can be fitted 100mm above the meeting rail to allow the lower or upper sash to be opened 100mm but still be secure.

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Sash stop security locks are ideal for windows that need to be left open for ventilation in summer months.

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