VAT on sash windows

VAT can really mount up for the homeowner when having work carried out on sash windows. Luckily, for period property owners in the UK, all sash window draught proofing to existing windows fall within the lower reduced rate of 5% VAT rather than the higher rate of 20%


Does the homeowner have to pay the full 20% VAT rate for work carried out and then claim the remaining 15% VAT back?

No, the sash window company will handle the VAT rates, the final amounts will be listed on the customers invoice.

Check out rates of VAT here


How long will this reduced rate of VAT last for?

As it stands in 2021 there doesnt seem to be a date in place for the reduced rate to end but that could change at any point.


What is sash window refurbishment and draught proofing?

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The best advice we can give is to take advantage of the reduced rate of VAT now and get your window work booked in before it disappears.